Rob's Maps

Free, high-resolution topographic maps of the Blue Mountains (in NSW, Australia) for bushwalkers, canyoners, climbers, rescue workers and map geeks.

Please send corrections and feedback, both for the maps and the web site, to me at me[AT]


Click on the thumbnail image of a map to view or save the map in png format. The files are quite large (all except the Olinda map are > 100 Mb), so most cannot be viewed in a web browser. If you can view them in your browser, they will display at low resolution. To view files in full resolution, save them and then view the saved file with an image viewer such as the Photos app in Windows. The files are served up by DropBox but you do not need to have a DropBox account to view or save the files.

Ben Bullen thumbnail

Ben Bullen

Bogee thumbnail


Colo Heights thumbnail

Colo Heights

Cullen Bullen thumbnail

Cullen Bullen

Glen Alice thumbnail

Glen Alice

Jamison thumbnail


Katoomba thumbnail


Kurrajong thumbnail

Kurrajong West

Lithgow thumbnail


Mountain Lagoon thumbnail

Mountain Lagoon

Mount Morgan thumbnail

Mount Morgan

Mount Wilson thumbnail

Mount Wilson

Olinda thumbnail


Penrith thumbnail

Penrith West

Portland thumbnail


Rock Hill thumbnail

Rock Hill

Six Brothers thumbnail

Six Brothers

Springwood thumbnail


Wollangambe thumbnail


About the maps

The maps are constructed by superimposing high-resolution (LIDAR) elevation data onto 1:25,000 topographic maps. The original contours (visible as thick, pink, slightly smudged lines) are usually at 20m intervals, but in some places are at 10m.

The high-resolution elevation data are used to generate 5m contour lines, which are shown as thin black lines. The 100m contours are shown as thin, bright pink lines. High-resolution data are also used to calculate slopes. Slopes of 45-60 degrees (very steep) are rendered with a semi-opaque red, and slopes of greater than 60 degrees (cliffs) are rendered in black.

Map detail